Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Don't Panic

This is something I should've remembered close to 48 hours ago.

As a preface, let's talk about roller coasters; for those of us who have had a ride on at least one, many of us can agree that these are amazingly fun, exciting and exhilarating; for those who have not, it looks scary, intimidating, and almost ridiculous that any human being would do such a thing. My first experience on a roller coaster went along these lines; the second set of emotions first, and the first set of emotions shortly after the ride started.

So why talk about this. I experienced, once again something new, the which, also produced a mix of these emotions. For the last few weeks, me and an old mission friend have been looking for a place to rent in and reside. We found a place this Monday, we liked it, we signed the contracts, placed our deposits, and held our heads high, knowing we had accomplished our goal. However, panic ensued a few hours later, and thoughts of leaving and choosing somewhere else began to stir. We made a few calls, read our contracts a few thousand times, investigated a bit more, and found out, that there was only a small option of pulling out, through selling our contracts.

After having made a few personal attempts to sell, with panic and stress still building, I remembered that roller coaster experience. Of course there would be fear, it was something new! But that didn't mean I should back out. So I have decided to take on the new opportunity head on, heck on my mission I even told myself many a time, take advantage of every good opportunity, and now I think I can add, and don't back out.

Wish me luck as I dive into some strange, but oddly inviting waters... Who knows what could happen now

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