Sunday, February 2, 2014

2 Years Later

Two years have passed from the moment I walked off a plane, and began to start anew, the life that I had before.

Where am I now... What a great question. My life is somewhere between absolute wonder and loss of control.

I have a very strong and firm belief in God, at least that hasn't changed. However, my love toward him, and my understanding of the Atonement has increased.

I have begun a path of self-discovery, one that has exhausted me, and refreshed me.

I know who I am, better than I did two years ago. I have been attending school, and I have found a career path that I feel comfortable in.

To be honest, the most important change is that I have solidified myself and confronted my fears... Something I had put off for years.

Sure, I have more tweets, and have stronger friendships... But those things are only strengthed and increased because I am shedding my fears.

My two years being home, have been as purifying and pressured as my mission, but in different ways than when I was in the field, but they are just as important to me.

Somethings about me will never change, and while I know that the purpose of this life is to learn, to grow, to repent, and to flourish, I believe that I have only started to do so recently. What I would do, to try again at certain key moments that occurred in the last two years, but I think to my surprise, I would leave many the same, maybe even repeat the "mistake" so that I can be where I am now.

Only The Lord really knows in the end about what I truly needed, and I am grateful to Him for that. I am grateful that I can do those things that He would have me do, but that if things will take me down a path, which, if I choose to obey His voice, will bring my prosperity, He will equally allow me the option to take a different path, partake of forbidden fruit if you will, so that I may gain knowledge and experience. I know I made mistakes in the last two years, but I know that I have grown, and am continuing to grow, regardless of these mistakes. 

Here's to another two years, and here's to the opportunities, trials, and blessings that will be presented to me. And here's hoping that history will not repeat itself.

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